Terms & Conditions

Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017

If you hire a company to move furniture, send a parcel by courier or check in your luggage with an airline, you’re covered by the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017. The Act gives you certain rights to compensation for loss or damage, though any contract you sign might limit those rights.

Loss or damage

The Act gives you certain rights to compensation for loss or damage. If you don’t have a written contract with the carrier, your goods will be carried at “limited carrier’s risk”. This means the carrier is liable for any unintentional loss or damage up to $2000 for each separate item.

If you have a written contract, the contract should specify the type of liability arrangement.

There is an exception for intentional damage. If the carrier or an employee intentionally damage or harm your goods, they’re liable for the full cost no matter what type of contract you have.

Under the Contract and Commercial Law Act, you have 30 days to make a claim. However, the carrier’s contract may specify a different period – in some cases just a few days. The carrier is free to do this, so it pays to check when you sign the contract.

Mover ADBELL Ltd will only take goods at the owner’s risk – so it’s important you make arrangements for insurance, either through the carrier, or directly with an insurer.

Standard contents policies don’t cover your goods during removals by a third party, so you’ll need extra cover when you’re moving house. Shop around – for moves within New Zealand you can expect to pay between 1 and 2 percent of the value of the insured goods.

Regardless of how you buy the insurance, make sure you check the policy carefully in advance.

Make a list of all the goods to be moved and their value. The value you use will depend on whether you have replacement or indemnity cover.

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When MoverADBELL Ltd carry at “Owners Risk” the goods we carry are uninsured. 

If your risk needs are not met by this agreement, please arrange Transit Insurance with your insurance provider.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of items or goods for transportation.

Please read the following information carefully. This information is for residential, commercial and business customers. Where price estimates are provided based on information given by the customer, MoverADBELL Ltd reserves the right to alter prices as a result of inaccurate information. This includes the dimensions, weight, number of items or delivery access conditions. All the MoverADBELL Ltd customer service staff have been trained to request accurate information from the customer when quoting for any moving and delivery job. Additional charges may also be incurred for address redirection, additional labour required, storage, waiting time, services not requested and packing materials. MoverADBELL Ltd will ascertain if any personal items or commercial goods are not safe to transport or are insufficiently packaged that may cause potential damage to either the item being moved, other items, or the transport vehicle. We reserve the right to reject acceptance of any item/s or goods. All theMoverADBELL Ltd professional movers follow strict Health and Safety regulations to ensure no unnecessary risks are taken with transporting any items or goods.

Excluded items not permitted for transportation.

To protect the safety of your items and any potential risks, certain items are NOT accepted for transport by MoverADBELL Ltd.

1) no pets and live animals.
2) no flammable substances such as petrol/full LPG cylinders.
3) no dangerous or hazardous goods including paint and automotive batteries.
4) no engines or unpackaged car parts.
5) no perishable goods or frozen food items.
6) no valuables like currency, bullion, jewellery, passports, vouchers.

Please note, any items that cannot be safely lifted or carried by two people must be disclosed and inspected by MoverADBELL Ltd. The recommended weight limit is a maximum of 80 kilograms for two professional movers. Additional resources/men maybe required for heavier items which will be at an additional charge.

If you are in doubt and have any questions, please call us to discuss what alternative options are available before you book, we are happy to help and discuss the best solution.

Insurance options and The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017.

Insurance is not included for Household Goods and Personal Effects.
Please note MoverADBELL Ltd prices do not include insurance cover. Our transport delivery service is carried at the Owner’s (Customer’s) risk with no insurance. As defined by The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017.

“All goods are carried at the owner’s risk. This means that we (MoverADBELL Ltd) will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged, unless we (the carrier) intentionally loses or damages them.”

Insurance Cover.

MoverADBELL Ltd strongly recommends to all customers to ensure there is adequate insurance cover in place for private and commercial items and goods.

While every care is taken when transporting private items and goods, accidents can and may happen. For this reason MoverADBELL Ltd advises customers to ensure that the best option is to contact your Home and Contents insurance provider. It is advised to ask for specific Transit Cover for the duration of the move. Most home and contents policies do not specifically cover goods in transit as part of a private move. Although transit insurance cover could be included if organised. 

If you don’t wish to take out your own insurance, you are acknowledging and accepting that you are using our services “At Owner’s risk” as defined by The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017.


  1. Cash, notes, bonds, securities of any kind, documents, watches, jewellery and the like.
  2. Perishable or frozen food, livestock, motor vehicles, motor cycles, caravans, trailers, personal watercraft, boats, outboard motors, and
  3. any accessories or spare parts attaching to or forming part of any of these items.
  4. Any one article exceeding NZ$10,000 unless specified and noted on insurance policy.
  5. Antiques unless appropriately packaged for transport.
  6. Stamp, coin, medal and other collections or groups of items whose collective value is enhanced by being part of that group.
  7. Electrical appliances and electronics if they fail to operate at the new address.
  8. Cracked or damaged items, torn, scratched or dented items.
  9. Pot plants.
  10. Items packed by customers.
  11. Glass windows.

Carrier’s Liability.

Items carried by MoverADBELL Ltd are protected under the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017. However, customers should be aware of the following;

Other Liabilities & Limitations

a) Whilst our team of movers provide utmost care and attention to your house, office and property whilst carrying out your move, there remains a risk of marking/ scuffs to door frames, internal walls and stairwells especially when handling larger furniture and whiteware items. Whilst the risk is low, all work carried at either loading or unloading site will be carried out at “Owners Risk” as defined in the The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 refer to section 241.

b) Particularly note that damage caused by vehicles to lawns, driveways, footpaths, underground pipes, cables, sewerage and other underground installations is not covered.

Should our staff be instructed by the property occupier, move initiator, consignor, consignee or Shipper, or any person acting on their behalf to drive, park or manoeuvre vehicles in or near an area where such damage is likely to occur, compliance with such instructions will not in any way involve the Company or its Insurers in responsibility for any subsequent damage which may be sustained. Such responsibility will rest solely in the hands of the Owner, Consignor, Consignee, Shipper or initiator.

c) All work is carried out on a “best – effort” basis. Whilst we try our best to make it on time for every booking and delivery, we sometimes do inevitably incur delays outside our control. MoverADBELL Ltd is not liable for personal or business losses arising from such delays either directly or indirectly.


a) All residential and non-credit account moves payment are (i) Deposit payment prior to the move (ii) Balance must be settled on spot upon completion of the move.