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 What determines the cost or Moving Rates for House and Office Furniture

1. THE QUANTITY OF YOUR GOODS (LOAD)  ie beds, drawers, couches, large appliances etc.

2. THE DISTANCE FROM PICK UP TO DROP OFF. the amount of time to be travelled/ kilometers to your destination.

3. ACCESSIBILITY TO YOUR DESTINATION. Narrow/ steep driveways, access to elevetors, narrow staircases, forgotten keys etc.

OUR PROFESSIONAL TEAM IS AVAILABLE TO ASSIST WITH: packing, dismantling beds, tables, shelving or generally prepare your load for efficient loading.

NOTE: Upon your  booking, a list of items will be created, this will assist in costing your move & also allocating the right resources to safely & efficiently complete your move. Any UNDER- DESCRIBED, UNADVISED LOADS, that may cause delays in loading will attract EXTRA CHARGE. This will be advised on the spot( CALL OUT FEE).

Our rates are GST exclusive.

2 Men & Truck
Mon – Thu $180/hr +gst           Fri – Sun  $210/hr+gst
3 Men & Truck
Mon – Thu $210/hr+gst             Fri – Sun  $250/hr+gst
4 Men & Truck
STUDENTS / TRADEME Item deliveries

from $150+gst

SUPER-HEAVY AND UNSUALLY SHAPED items will attract a surcharge. Please discuss these items with us prior to the service and we will agree this cost with you.

MILEAGE at a rate of 50c/KM will be applied to cover the cost of fuel and road user charges where these costs are significant to the cost of delivering the service. Mileage is charged for distances above 50KM to & fro.


PRICES MAY VERY DUE TO SEASONAL PEAKS, Call out fee apply NOTE Friday to Sunday are our PEAK times.

Call or email us for all  SAME DAY PICK UP & DELIVERY SERVICE.

We can safely deliver across WELLINGTON: Covid 19 protocols and guidelines will be adhered to, we do  TradeMe and Auctions items,
Beds, Sofas, Dining suites, New or used Furniture,Home and Office Shop Fittings, Medical Equipment & many more.

No Hidden Costs, All Charges quoted at the time of booking. All payments to be made on-site upon job completion.

MoverADBELL Ltd is covered with Limited Carriers Liability Insurance pursuant to the carriage of Goods Act 1979 Excluding Household Removals, However we can arrange comprehensive transit insurance at your declared values to ensure your household belongings are adequately insured.
(Term and conditions, all rights reserved).

Compare house moving quotes

They’ll give you a free moving quote when you hit the movers. If you want to use this business, you can make a moveable calculation for your expenses. That said, a company could use many kinds of moveable quotes. An uncommitted quote means that your costs can vary, even at the last minute. In the meantime, movers must keep their calculations in line with a binding quotation. However, if adjustments are made to your transfer, such as adding more boxes or other furniture, costs can differ to a defined percentage.

What consequences would my step quote have?

Make the ‘quick way’ remove

The Delivery Quote Comparison will do it for you, to save not only your time but also money, instead of scouring removal websites or scouring multiple companies for quotes. Our quotes are typically less than the quotes from removal companies. Our website is used by businesses to increase their vehicles’ capacity. With at least one leg of the entire journey, most removal jobs would mean that the vehicle is empty so that businesses selling removal services will provide a reasonable price when they can satisfy their demands and needs. Only enter your date of departure and what property you are traveling from and to, and if you need assistance with packaging and packing. Further information may also be applied, including what needs to be removed for a more comparable price from each room in your house. Then your removal work (like a return auction) is sold by home removal firms, and you can then pick the cheaper quotation.

Numerous removal services are available.

When opposed to national or international removals using a distribution limit, you can explicitly choose what service you need when going home. From basic pick up and drop to packaging and unpacking services, you can choose from many choices. The home removal companies provide boxes and packing material with packaging and unpackaging facilities, making it easier for you to consider. Providing details on your property type helps us choose the right removal company to avoid additional cost pitfalls and transfer it to an inventory of products. It also ensures that businesses can ensure that they have enough staff and the right equipment.

Comparison of removal business quotes

Once you have asked for quotes, you should compare house moving quotes to find the one that fits your needs. The more reliable details you provide means you get the same quote on what you want in the initial quote tab. On the Moveradbell platform, you can check and compare your quotes, and Delivery Quote Compare removal companies have their profile page where other customer reviews can be viewed. You can compare the costs by pricing self-employment vehicles, but don’t forget to take your time and additional costs for boxes and to package into account. You can find that quotes are cheaper on the Moveradbell website, and you will save time and stress, of course.

Care to take all matters related to removal into account

Insurance: Any organization that offers home removals must be covered for products in transit & liability. Your belongings must be protected adequately. Unless it is cover, additional expenses may be raised. If something happens during travel, you can be responsible for additional costs.

How much time does my move quote last?

You are happy to receive a free moving quote from the best moving companies which tell you the length of your estimate. When you get your initial quote, make sure you ask for a timeline, as each company varies in how long quotes last. Please also ask if the quote is not binding or binding. It’s easier to get binding quotes as they give you a more detailed picture of your transfer cost.

It’s not the same shift. Circumstances such as budget, time, and physical constraints determine whether a moving company is employed, handled by you, or taken hybridlier. When you do the transfer, you save money, and it is also time-consuming and labor-intensive. You are entirely responsible for the safe movement of your objects. You could choose a hybrid move if this prospect sounds too stressful. In this way, you can drive the truck and unload your stuff while furniture movers load. With this, though you rely on movers to lug your heavier products, you save money. Will packing loathe? Then employ an agency to pack your boxes for you. Do you run short? You run short? Then rent a moving company for everything from packing, loading, and driving. You can find any service you want. When it is appropriate to hire local or long-haul movers, some things should be considered here.

Feedback on your new move! It’s such a thrilling time with fun places to discover and a new home to remember! Yet, the excitement of relocation carries with it the many options you must take before the day moves. Mover Adbell is here to link you to the best local translators and assist with budgeting with free moving quotes to help find the right direction to travel. Follow our tips to compare house moving quotes and save money and back pain on the day you move.

For more information please call 0800 668 375 (0800 MOVER L)


Mover ADBELL Ltd : 02- 0528-0504653-000                         ONCE PAYMENT IS COMPLETED send us a screen shot of you payment to info@moveradbell.co.nz