Wellington city is a beautiful city built on mountains and is world’s windiest city. Wellington city is primarily surrounded by water her Houses have spectacular harbour views across to Maupuia and Shelly Bay and out to Eastbourne and Somes Island, these families who dwell in these beautifully updated and maintained grand homes can only be relocated by Mover Adbell. We have the experience and are equipped to move you in and out of these properties with peace of mind.

We offer just the right amount of assistance you need, whether you are moving to a new home or business premises – all services from moving box rental to studio apartment or a full Residential/business service move. 

It can be an exciting time to relocate from one location to another new place to meet new people or experience a new community. It can also be a nerve-wracking phase, where one must park and transport their belongings to the spot. A wise decision to ensure a quick and straightforward transfer is to employ MOVER ADBELL IN WELLINGTON CITY. 

It’s always best to contact a licensed moving company to prevent personal injuries if you have big pieces of furniture in your house or extra-heavy boxes. An experienced fleet of movers would have the equipment available, as well as your own, to transport heavy objects without risking their protection.


Don’t risk damaging your belongings due to poor quality packing materials. We offer:

No need think about the tedious packing process when you employ a Mover Adbell in Wellington. Professional movers who have the experience and skills required to quickly and securely pack up all your things safely and correctly. They would know the right packing material to cover your valuables furniture and antiques in, so during the moving process, nothing is lost.


Consider renting a storage unit if you have time between rentals or need a place to store your belongings for a month or two upon moving out. Our storage facility provides both long and short-term storage at MOVER ADBELL STORAGE FACILITY IN WELLINGTON. Twenty-four hours a day, our warehouses are highly secure and controlled, so you can feel good about leaving your belongings in our possession.