What is a pick up & delivery service?

Pick up & delivery service wellington to deliver your parcels and packages door-to-door to deliver packages from your home or your office in the US and around the world. You can find the option of mail pick-up services when you book with us online to choose from, for instance, large brand couriers like DHL and FedEx. What’s more, our discounted rates will save you money when you book through our shipping calculator!

Door to international door distribution

If you send products worldwide or have to book purchase of mail from outside the United States, we can support you. Please find our shipping calculator and book International pickup services from over 200 + destinations worldwide. And for the lowest international door to door delivery services in wellington.

The cheapest way of delivering a package

Our International Pick-up provides fully tracked delivery to destinations worldwide at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a cheap international package service. This collecting and distribution service is perfect for reducing your international shipping costs while retaining the service quality required from the top international courier; including a FedEx courier collection from your home or work address.

Foreign shipping discounted

We get reduced international shipping rates from many reputable international couriers because of the number of packages we deliver. Like this Foreign Pickup Service, this enables us to deliver superb services at lower rates than if we ordered directly. You can use our shipping calculator to access our cheap foreign packaging rates and use them both to reduce the cost of shipping abroad.

Pick up the courier In Wellington for many things

Collection and distribution services of couriers are perfect for online retailers and small companies shipping multiple items. The most effective way to ship multiple parcels is for eBay sellers who want multiple packs to send, booking a pickup and delivery service from home. You can also save time by uploading your shipment details in mass with our simple CSV uploader tool rather than entering the details of each package individually. Is Shopify selling? No problem, you can even connect your shop to us to save on bulk shipments time and money.

Selection and supply of large goods

It can be a logistical nightmare to sending a big box, so save the trouble and book a courier collection straight from your door—no need to transport bulky goods to the Post Office. For shipping big and heavy parcels, we can book large items for domestic and foreign shipping with reduced rates.

Monitor the set of your courier

You can track your package before delivery using your shop number once your item has been collected. Only enter this number in our monitoring tool to monitor and share your delivery progress with the recipient to keep you updated. As a small business, your customers must be glad so that they return to buy from you again. Either you ship in the same country or abroad, we will help your company find a reliable shipping service.

We offer FedEx Overnight, Ground Pick Up and Drop Off services and a range of USPS services to customers shipping domestically in the US. Your company saves money on global packaging delivery to trusted delivery companies; you can also book foreign couriers. Notwithstanding the position of your small company, we have worldwide coverage for shipping from everywhere.

Tips for Small Business

You could give customers free shipping, which improves purchases by using an effective delivery service. To meet customers’ requirements, use expedited delivery or even service the next day for more costly products. You are using the shipping boxes of your name. The packaging might be the only touchpoint for your customer if you are an online retailer, making a good impression.

Provide the buyer with monitoring so that they can see where and how the item is being delivered. Don’t lose sales because of limited shipping options; provide all customers with reliable and efficient delivery. Save time finding a courier with a shipping calculator is the best price and the fastest time for your business.

Small company cheapest delivery

Keeping hold of your expenses can be the most challenging job you face while running a small company. You will look at all facets of the company and figure out where unnecessary expenses can be avoided. We would contribute to a decrease in shipping costs. We have reliable services with well-known and trusted carriers for a fraction of the cost of direct booking.

Small company’s foreign distribution

Now it’s possible to use DHL’s low-cost eCommerce delivery rates for small companies to make them less available to consumers all over the world with a secure and tracked courier service. Our easy-to-use delivery calculator saves you time since only DHL, FedEx, TrakPak, USPS, and more need you to browse in one place. You may also pick your packages at home or work so that your arms are no longer loaded with heavy packages in the Post Office.

To complete the booking process and print it out, and add it to your box before you hand the assets over to the courier, we have all the customs paperwork needed to ship a shipment to other countries. You will increase the target market’s reach if you are a small business and are willing to give customers worldwide fast delivery at an excellent price. Use us to help you provide our cross-border courier services to customers around the world.

What about programs for domestic pickup & delivery?

Domestic shipping services provide in wellington services from the Next Day, such as timed options for morning delivery, where you can pick up a shipment and then deliver it either the next day or by the end of the day. Cost and customer convenience are also a consideration so that those looking for the cheapest shipping for their company can book our Ground Shipping options. This form of service is still wholly tracked, and your products can still be secured. Heavy products such as camping facilities or tents or non-air freight may be supplied at a low price by opting for ground service by air transport.

This is another great option for the full time working people. Everyone is busy nowadays , while you are at work , we can pick up the items you just bought it. And deliver to you when able to receive. It doesn’t have to be on the same day. We have facilities that can keep it for unlimited days until you are ready.


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We can safely deliver across WELLINGTON: Covid 19 protocols and guidelines will be adhered to,

TradeMe and Auctions items,
Beds, Sofas, Dining suites,New or used Furniture,

Home and Office Shop Fittings,

Medical Equipment & many more.

No Hidden Costs, All Charges quoted at the time of booking. All payments to be made on-site upon job completion.